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World Quality Day 2020

Celebrated annually on the second Thursday in November, World Quality Day provides the perfect platform to recognise and acknowledge the achievements and outstanding work of Quality Professionals.

This year’s theme is about creating customer value and despite facing continuous challenges in this transformative age, Quality Professionals continue to work with creativity and determination to improve business systems, ensure their organisations are adhering to the latest regulations, and are maintaining a customer-centric view of the organisation.

For all organisations, the delivery of high-quality products and services is essential, not only to drive sales, but also protect brand reputation where the consequences of failure grow ever more significant in today’s world of increasing customer and stakeholder expectations, regulatory oversight and use of social media to broadcast success or failure.

Quality Professionals have to be increasingly critical in helping organisations build value and remain competitive in what has become an extremely complex and competitive world. Customer behaviours and expectations have shifted; winning and maintaining their trust becoming ever harder. Their role therefore is vital in building trust and sustaining brand and reputational resilience. After all: quality builds trust; and reputations are built on trust.

Quality should be at the heart of every organisation’s strategy to succeed.  By championing the standards that shape modern food, environmental, health, quality, and safety programmes for all industries, certification schemes are rapidly becoming the compliance tools of choice for Governments, industry associations and regional trade regulators.

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