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World Food Safety Day 2021 News

World Food Safety Day on 7 June draws attention and inspires action to help prevent, detect and manage food safety risks in order to promote the availability of safe and healthy food for all. This year’s theme is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”, stressing that the production and consumption of safe food have immediate and long-term benefits for people, the planet and the economy.  Supporting businesses across the entire food chain in mitigating risk,  SAI Global is proud to be supporting the campaign.

World Food Safety Day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly, and the event is jointly facilitated each year on 7 June, by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with Member States and other relevant organisations.

The importance of access to safe, nutritious food in sufficient quantities cannot be underestimated.

Each year worldwide, unsafe food causes 600 million cases of foodborne diseases and 420,000 deaths, 30% of which occur among children under 5 years of age. WHO estimated that over 33 million years of healthy lives are lost due to eating unsafe food globally each year.  Poor food quality and low availability of food have wide-ranging effects that can manifest in disease and malnutrition. Those most immediately impacted are people in low and middle-income countries, infants, young children, the elderly and the sick, including those living with chronic illness.  These figures give context to the economic impact also as health care systems are strained, socio economic development compromised, and agriculture and tourism significantly affected.  Constantly improved collaboration between governments, producers and consumers throughout the global food supply chain is an essential component of improved global food safety.

“…around 600 million people across the globe get sick from eating contaminated food”

Safe food is everyone’s business

This year’s World Food Safety Day theme “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow” delivers 5 calls to action for people to get involved, that focus on all aspects of the food supply chain – from production and processing to preparation and selling of food, right down to the food being cooked at home and shared at the family table:

  • Ensure it’s safe – government must ensure safe and nutritious food for all 
  • Grow it safe – agriculture and food producers need to adopt good practices 
  • Keep it safe – business operators must make sure food is safe 
  • Know what’s safe – consumers need to learn about safe and healthy food 
  • Team up for food safety – work together for safe food and good health 

Supporting World Food Safety Day

  • Listen to Podcast : SAI Global Assurance Chief Operating Officer, Kim Jenkins, who discusses issues around safety throughout the food supply chain and how they can be addressed
  • Test your knowledge in our Quiz: To thank food safety professionals who work tirelessly to keep us safe, we have three £50 Amazon vouchers up for grabs in our prize draw.  Take just a few minutes and submit your entry now!
  • Access Free Content: We have a wealth of free information available such as whitepapers, on demand webinars, podcasts and blogs to help you with food safety

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