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Sustainable Seafood: The Source Of All Life On Earth
As consumers become more conscious of the choices they make, food manufacturers and retailers need to respond appropriately. This whitepaper reviews the challenges and benefits of sustainable seafood production. We discuss sustainability certifications, supply chain challenges and the dangers of food fraud.
SAI Global can help develop a focused seafood safety, social, and sustainability program consistent with your customer, regulatory and CSR goals.
Global Aquaculture Alliance BAP
BAP Certification is verification that producers are following best practices to deliver farmed seafood safely and responsibly.
Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
Aquaculture Stewardship Council standards set strict requirements for responsible farming, encouraging seafood producers to minimise environmental and social impacts of aquaculture.
BIM CQA Farm Standards
BIM Certified Quality Aquaculture (CQA) Farm Standards support the production of high-class farmed Irish fish and mussels.
Naturland Organic Aquaculture
Naturland is a leading international association supporting organic aquaculture worldwide.
Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Management (IRFM)
The Iceland Responsible Fisheries third party Certification Programme verifies Icelandic fisheries to the highest level of assurance.
G.U.L.F RFM Certification
The Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries (G.U.L.F.) Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) programme was adopted at the request of Gulf seafood stakeholders to provide a choice in seafood certifications that demonstrate the responsible practices of Gulf fisheries.
Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (ARFM)
RFM provides Alaska wild-capture fisheries with a credible and cost-effective choice in seafood certification.
MSC Fisheries Standard
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries Standard is used to assess if a fishery is well-managed and sustainable.