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SAI Global New Scheme Assessment Provider for Scottish Quality Wild Venison

SAI Global Assurance is delighted to be working with Scottish Quality Wild Venison to provide a high-quality assurance service for wild Venison Producers and Processors.

Scottish Quality Wild Venison Ltd (SQWV) is an independent company which exists to maintain, develop and promote Quality Assurance Standards throughout the whole wild Venison Industry.

Benefits for Wild Venison Estates/Managers and individual stalkers who register with SQWV:

  –  Demonstrates adherence to the highest welfare and environmental standards
  –  Ensures traceability within the food chain from source to consumption
  –  Increases confidence knowing they are operating according to best practice
  –  Builds customer trust – SQWV logo represents high production and provenance standards
  –  Increases safety – the more sites that sign up to SQWV Assurance, the safer shooting becomes
  –  Reduced Audit Frequency where standard compliance is demonstrated

SAI Global is looking forward to combining what is now 100 years experience as a leading assurance provider with the highly respected Standard, to promote Scottish produce. With an experienced team of assessors who are committed and passionate about wildlife and the countryside, we aim to deliver a robust audit and a valuable and highly credible scheme for Scottish Quality Wild Venison.

Working in partnership with SAI Global – such a well-respected Certification Body will drive confidence in the Scottish Quality Wild Venison Assurance scheme, for our licensees, purchasers, retailers and consumers alike, who want to enjoy this wonderful Wild Venison Product. (Jamie Stewart, Chairman, SQWV Ltd)

We can help you on your journey to SQWV Certification

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