SAI Global can assist protect your organisation’s brand through our unique SAIGOL™ web-based software solution, from audit management to in-depth analytics.

SAIGOL™ provides you with an active monitoring process to manage your brand and supplier conformance to your customised quality audit programme.

Today’s environment is filled with intense scrutiny but being competitive means never standing still.

SAI Global helps you see a way forward so you can advance confidently.

What is SAIGOL™?

SAIGOL™ is an interactive audit management tool, designed to help organisations set their audit objectives, build actionable plans and monitor performance, over time.

SAIGOL™ allows users to add and integrate any number of risk disciplines into their management process and provides a complete framework for managing risk across an organisation.​Our experts work with you to create bespoke and optimal audit definitions, configured to your requirements.
SAIGOL Mobile Audit Platform

Audits are executed using a mobile audit platform, delivering audit services against your standard operating procedures across multiple locations in real-time. This allows our auditors to be on the ground simultaneously to ensure your various suppliers, distribution centres or sites meet your set of standard requirements.

Flowing on-site sign-off, upload of the audit data to the central database is as easy as connecting to the internet. within moments, you’ll be able to see a full report of conformances, non-conformances and areas of improvement ensuring your product safety or service quality are not compromised. with year on year comparisons, you have a clearer picture of what good looks like. Benchmarking sites, suppliers and distribution centres against one another.

SAIGOL Insights Business Intelligence

For restaurant businesses, having a successful audit programme helps to maintain a safe environment, ensuring staff and customers are happy and protected.

SAIGOL™ Insights business intelligence platform visually highlights high and low performing areas of the business so you are only ever a few clicks away from the data you need to make informed decisions to protect your Brand.

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