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Red Tractor Dairy Goats

Red Tractor Dairy Goats standards underpin our industry’s strength and credibility, securing its future as a world-leader in animal health and welfare, while enhancing consumer trust in goat milk’s traceability and safety.

These are necessary standards for our members as they will drive our sector forward, carefully balancing the evolving needs of consumers, farmers, processors and retailers.

Key Benefits

Grow your business

Membership of Red Tractor farm Schemes inspected and certified by SAI Global represents high quality agricultural production, enabling businesses to meet retail requirements and secure new and existing markets.

Build customer trust, protect your reputation

Only produce from British Red Tractor certified farms can hold the Red Tractor logo. This means it can be traced right back through the supply chain to the British farms it came from.

Demonstrate high standards of animal welfare

Red Tractor partners with animal welfare experts and vets to continuously strengthen scheme requirements on animal welfare.


Access the standard here to understand requirements of the scheme

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What is Red Tractor Dairy Goats Standard?

The Red Tractor Goats Standard underpins our industry’s strength and credibility, securing its future as a world-leader in animal health and welfare, while enhancing consumer trust in goat milk’s traceability and safety.

Scope of Red Tractor Dairy Goats Standard

These are the requirements of the Red Tractor Dairy Goats Standard, for full details click here

– Documents and Procedures
– Personnel
– Traceability and Assurance
– Vermin Control
– Milk Production
– Housing, Shelter and Handling Facilities .
– Feed and Water
– Animal Health and Welfare
– Youngstock .
– Biosecurity and Disease Control
– Animal Medicines
– Husbandry Procedures
– Fallen Stock
– Livestock Transport
– Environmental Protection and Contamination Control

How to join Red Tractor Dairy Goats Scheme
  1. Before applying:  make sure you read the membership rules and the standards you must conform to. These detail what you need to do and how you will be assessed.
  2. To join the scheme: contact SAI Global for an application pack. You can apply to join at any time throughout the year and your membership must be renewed annually. If applying for more than one scheme, ask about any applicable discounts and  we will coordinate the assessment together in a single visit where possible.
  3. Initial Assessment: The assessor will talk to you about your business as you walk together around (or facilitate remote viewing via video-streaming of) the facilities, look at the livestock/crop as applicable and check your paperwork. They will need to talk to your staff too about what they do. Any areas which do not meet the standards (which we refer to as “non-conformances”) will be highlighted
    to you throughout the assessment. They are not allowed to advise on, or suggest, how you need to correct things. You will be left or sent a report which will contain details of any non-conformances, an indication of the evidence you will be expected to provide (e.g. invoices, photos, photocopies, letter from vet)
  4. Non-Conformances:  You must supply SAI Global with evidence that you have corrected everything as explained in the non-conformance report.
    In some cases, a revisit may be required and this may incur a charge. Your application will lapse if you do not correct everything satisfactorily and in good time.
  5. Issue Certificate of Conformity: Once satisfactory evidence has been provided, you will be entered as ‘Assured’ on the Scheme Member Checker database and you can then sell your product(s) as ‘Assured’.

Request Red Tractor Dairy Goats Scheme Application Pack

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