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Red Tractor Revises Standards

Red Tractor’s revised farm standards in place from November 1st 2021.

For the first time in its history, Red Tractor opened the process to its 46,000 members and the entire food supply chain, making it the largest consultation ever undertaken by Red Tractor. The proposals sought to engage as many people as possible across the Red Tractor supply chain to streamline standards; comply with legislation; meet changes in consumer demand; and provide clarity for both farmers and their assessors.

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SAI Global Roadshow: From Sept-Oct you can talk to Red Tractor and SAI Global scheme experts at Auction Marts around the UK to understand more about the revised standards.

Checklists, Templates etc

Revised Standards

Press Release

Frequently asked questions

Red Tractor Videos on the revised Standards: Dairy  /  Combinable Crops and Sugar Beet  /   Turkey  /  Beef and LambFresh Produce  /  Chicken

Contact Red Tractor: Tel 0203 617 3670 / Email: memberhelp@redtractor.org.uk


“We set out to hear from all stakeholders and to engage as much of the farming community as possible, and I’m delighted by the amount of feedback that was generated by the review. This has been enormously helpful for informing the work to finalise the new version of the standards.”

Red Tractor CEO Jim Moseley

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