Q&A: Planning To Return To Work After COVID-19 – Session 2

Webinar Type: On Demand

Watch the recording to our second Q&A session: Planning to Return to Work After COVID-19.

On June 9, SAI Global Assurance hosted its second live Q&A in a series to support businesses safely return to work.

Our expert, Kiran Bhagat, outlined tips for creating an effective return to work plan, key policies that need to be implemented and, managing and encouraging employees to return to work.

We answered the following questions:

  • Why do we need a plan to return to work?
  • What are some tips in creating an effective return to work plan?
  • Will it be mandatory to carry out a risk assessment prior to staff returning to work?
  • How do we conduct fire safety drills while complying with new policies?
  • Are there any suggestions on how to identify high risk workers?
  • What key policies should we implement, what about workers who have recovered from the coronavirus?
  • What are some tips for managing and encouraging employees to return to work?
  • How should we manage distancing measure in the office?
  • Will responses to COVID, like new policies put in place, be audited against our certification requirements?

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