Naturland Organic Aquaculture

Naturland is a pioneering association of organic aquaculture and requires all members to convert their entire operation to organic and follow their social responsibility guidelines.

Naturland is one of the largest organic farming associations with members across 18 countries in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia producing fish, shrimp and mussels according to Naturland standards.

Why Naturland?

Members become a critical part of a sustainable value-added chain, are represented politically and can demonstrate ecological commitment to consumers.

Build Consumer Trust

Customers buy Naturland fish and seafood with a good conscience, knowing they are produced with respect for animal and worker welfare, and the environment.

Support For All

Naturland strives to reconcile the interests of local producers with those of international operations in a globalised world.

What Is It?

Naturland is a leading international association supporting organic farming worldwide.

Since the mid-1990s Naturland has focused on making fish farming sustainable, with the result that its organic standards for aquaculture are today’s leading benchmark.
Species Certified

Naturland certifies over a dozen different species, including European trout and Atlantic salmon, mussels, warm water prawns, micgroalgae and macroalgae – which are gaining ever more in importance both in the field of human nutrition and in the fish fodder industry.


Naturland seafood is fed on fish meal and fish oil from trimmings of fish being processed for human consumption and not from industrial fishing specialising in the production of feed.

Wild Fish Sustainable Capture Fishery Standards

The main focus of certification to the Naturland on Sustainable Capture Fishery standards is on small-scale fisheries. Products displaying the Naturland Wildfish logo must have been processed according to the Naturland standards for organic products

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