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Polar Ice Ltd Share Insight Into Their Success On International Women’s Day 2021

Alison Ritchie MD and Denise Ryan Transport & Operations Manager at Polar Ice Ltd are “Two of Ireland’s leading ladies”.

About Polar Ice Ltd

Polar Ice ltd is a leading dry ice manufacturing company based in Portarlington, Co. Laois, with depots in Dublin, Cork, and Armagh.  The female-led company has specialised in dry ice for over 24 years and offers a range of temperature-control solutions for Ireland’s leading Pharma, Medical, Food Processing, Agricultural, and Aviation sectors – all of which value an accredited supplier who can offer food-grade manufacturing . They are a client of SAI Global and Certified to the highest grade  BRCGS Food Safety.

An ardent supporter of Women in Business, Alison, graduated from DCU with a Business Degree, and is also a qualified Financial Accountant and certified Tax Adviser with CPA Ireland. Alison was awarded the Women Mean Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 and Accountant of the Year 2017 and proud to put her 25 years experience within Polar Ice to mentor and support Female Led Start-ups through the ACORNS programme. 

Denise brings an impressive skill set, rarely held by Women in Business – a professionally qualified Transport Manager and HGV driver. Denise was a Director of Des Ryan International Ltd. for almost 20 years. Passionate about motor sports and the Transport Industry she was a former driving instructor at Mondello Park, most recently named ‘Transport Manager of the Year 2020’ at the Fleet Transport Awards and sits on the Board of the Freight Transport Association of Ireland.

Top Three  Tips to Success in Business?

1. Find or build a support team. It’s important to surround yourself with good people. Join with like-minded business people in programmes such as “Going for growth’, ‘ACORNS’ or ‘SMÁCHT’. They will support and inspire you. Find a good mentor or coach – someone who will help keep you focused both during the ups and the downs.

2. Respond to what your customers value. Be very clear on what your customer actually wants and what they value. Be adaptable when dealing with customers and open to learning from them. While it is important to focus on winning new business, never forget to look after your existing customers. They have helped you get to where you are now.

3. Create a business that works without you. The best businesses are those that can function effectively without you being there all the time. Aim to build a team, a structure and processes that can work without your constant supervision. That way you can carve out time to focus on new strategies and new opportunities for growth.

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