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LEAF Global Impacts Report 2021 reveals nearly 50% UK fresh produce comes from sustainably certified farms
Promoting a sustainable use of our ecosystems and preserving biodiversity is not a cause, it is the key to our own survival. Read LEAF’s report to learn how farmers across the world are seeing great results.
VACCP and TACCP: The Best Line of Food Defence
Learn how food businesses can anticipate and protect themselves against food fraud, contamination, and adulteration with VACCP and TACCP.
BRCGS Gluten-Free Management System – What you need to Know and How to Get Started
If you manufacture gluten-free products and looking to become certified, here are some helpful tips to get you started.
How Farmers Can Help To Build A Resilient And Regenerative Future
With climate change likely to render areas of the world un-farmable, the UK will probably offer some of the most favourable conditions for growing food. From this point of view, British farmers will form part of the solution to feeding a growing population.
Choosing an ISO Management Systems Consultant
Follow this three-step approach to select an ISO Management System consultant that’s suited for your organisation’s certification objectives.
Effective ways to Plan and Conduct Remote Audits
Remote audits have become a mainstay in the quality world. While there are several significant benefits to remote audits there are also real challenges and risks to consider.
8 Step Plan to Integrating your Management Systems
Organisations should follow a structured and systematic approach to integrating their management systems.
BRCGS Food Safety Auditor of the Year 2021: Milagros Igual
A worthy winner and outstanding Auditor, Milagros Igual gives her view on winning BRCGS Auditor of the Year
Keisha Francis: Operations Director, SAI Global Assurance
As Operations Director Keisha leads from the front and is a great role model for female leaders. Read her blog to learn more.
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