Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (ARFM)

RFM provides Alaska wild-capture fisheries with a credible and cost-effective choice in seafood certification.

Key Benefits

Global Recognition

The Alaska RFM programme is ISO 17065 Accredited and GSSI (Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative) recognised. The RFM model is based on the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) Code and Guidelines, meeting the highest benchmarks for credible certification.

Powerful Brand

The Alaska RFM programme retains the Alaska Seafood Brand and logo (Wild, Natural & Sustainable) which is trusted by consumers and ultimately drives revenue.

Independent Assessment

Fisheries are independently assessed and scored against a set of criteria, and must meet these criteria in order to become certified. Certification is valid for five years with annual surveillance audits.

What Is It?

The Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) scheme is a third-party certification programme for wild-capture fisheries.

Alaska RFM provides a Fisheries Standard and a Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard, based on international criteria for responsible fishing and supply chain traceability.
Key Attributes
  • Based on internationally recognised criteria for sustainable fishing from the United Nations’ FAO
  • Consumer-facing eco-label –Alaska RFM Certified logo has zero logo-licensing fees
  • RFM Certified logo allows companies to highlight certified sustainable seafood and preserve the Alaska Origin
  • 1 fishery, 1 certificate model – no more duplicate certificates and expenses.
  • Third-party accredited program provides impartiality
  • Sound governance structure
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Chain of Custody certification provides traceability through the supply chain back to its origin
  • Transparent and collaborative assessment process
  • Recognised by credible organisations – 1st to be recognised by the Global Sustainability Seafood Initiative (GSSI)

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